Video: Tidetec puts bi-directional turbine to the test

Norwegian tidal energy developer Tidetec has completed the preparations for the forthcoming testing of its model scale turbine at the Technical University of Munich.

The model scale turbine with the generator has been installed on a test rig at Dieter-Thoma Laboratory ahead of trials set to begin next month, Tidetec informed.

The turbine will be tested to show performance data, and the tests will quantify Tidetec’s turbine improvements for a full operation cycle against the traditional bi-directional Kaplan bulb turbine.

Tidetec said the initial estimates show a 9-11 % increase in performance, due to optimal efficiency in both directions, and the possibility to conduct blade/turbine maintenance.

In addition to increase in efficiency, Tidetec said its solution is 35% lighter, and has reduced number of moving parts in the turbine by having a fixed pitch runner.

“The cost saving on this system compared to the Kaplan bulb offered by Andritz and GE are expected to be in the range of 6-9%,” Tidetec said.

The turbine to be tested in Munich has been designed to fit into Tidetec’s turret, for which the full-scale engineering was completed early in 2017.

The application of Tidetec technology is intended for barrage and tidal lagoon power plants.

Take a look at the video showing the installation of Tidetec’s model turbine on a test-rig in Munich.

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