Vinssen delivers hydrogen fuel cells for pilot project in Singapore

South Korean producer of electric and hydrogen hybrid propulsion systems Vinssen has tested and delivered a hydrogen fuel cell system for a trial project that aims to test hydrogen as a marine fuel.

Courtesy of Vinssen

In order to deliver the system, Vinssen collaborated with Shell Singapore as the project sponsor, Seatrium Limited as the project developer, Penguin International as the owner and operator of the vessel, and Air Liquide Singapore as the hydrogen supplier.

The project is a pilot to test the use of hydrogen fuel cells in maritime applications, marking the first step in confirming the feasibility of hydrogen as a marine fuel.

The hydrogen fuel cell system has been delivered from Korea and will be installed on the RoRo vessel, Penguin Tenacity, for one year.

Vinssen signed a contract with Shell in 2022 to supply the hydrogen fuel cell for the project. Prior to delivering the system, the company conducted several tests, including HAZID (Hazard Identification), HAZOP (Hazard and Operability), and FMECA (Failure Mode and Effects, Criticality Analysis). Safety verification was performed for the installation of the hydrogen fuel cell system, and the project’s hazard confirmation evaluation and roadmap check have also been completed.

The main components of the hydrogen fuel cell system delivered by Vinssen comprise the fuel cell module (FCM), integrated converter module (ICM), lithium-ion battery (LIB), and transformer (TR) for vessel auxiliary power generation.

The system will be used for operations in Singapore for one year, commencing in 2024, and is a project to convert data from operations into real-time data to verify stability and performance.

Vinssen said it plans to deploy manpower directly to the Singapore shipyard to install, integrate, and inspect the hydrogen fuel cell system. The company added that the system has completed all drawing inspections and factory product tests to undergo classification inspection with Bureau Veritas (BV). An inspection report (attestation) will be issued upon completion of final commissioning and testing onboard the vessel.