VOS Sympathy Wraps Up Cable Job for LD TravOcean

VOS Sympathy, a subsea-support vessel operated by Vroon Offshore Services Den Helder, has spent the last few weeks laying a power cable between Quiberon and Belle-Ile in Brittany for its client LD TravOcean.

The power cable, from the French mainland to the island Belle-Ile, will be connected to the main electrical grid and provide additional power capacity to the island.

The project lasted three weeks, with transit, cable loading and mobilisation of the lay spread on board the vessel being the most time-consuming tasks. The actual laying of the cable, which took place from the vessel’s starboard side, only lasted three days, partly due to the favourable weather conditions.

With the assistance of small workboats, the cable was transferred from the vessel to shore. In shallow areas, the cable was pulled into the vessel from the shore. At the start of the project, the ferry service to the island had to be suspended for a few hours while VOS Sympathy started its operations.