Photo: Courtesy of Wärtsilä

Wärtsilä to support NYK’s LNG carrier pair

The Finnish technology group Wärtsilä has signed two 15-year optimised maintenance agreements with Japan-based NYK LNG Ship Management for two LNG vessels.

Wärtsilä to provide digital solutions support to NYK LNG
Courtesy of Wärtsilä

The agreements, which cover the Wärtsilä 50DF dual-fuel engines and other equipment installed on two NYK LNG carrier vessels, are to ensure optimal maintenance to use digital technology.

A predictive entertainment product, Wärtsilä’s Expert Insight, is also included. The product leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced diagnostics to monitor equipment and systems in real-time. This ables proactive customer support with advice and appropriate resolutions to avoid potential operational disturbances.

The technical support provided by Wärtsilä and the application of the company’s digital technology are to enhance the reliability of the ships’ operations, and allow accurate budgeting of the long-term maintenance costs.

The full scope of the agreements includes all scheduled parts, workshop services, field services, maintenance planning, remote operational support, Expert Insight’s asset diagnostics and anomaly detection, and dynamic maintenance planning.

Henrik Wilhelms, director, agreement sales, Wärtsilä Marine Power, said: “As part of our Lifecycle Solutions approach, these agreements are designed to improve our customers’ business performance and competitiveness. By including Expert Insight into our offering, we are adding considerable value to the proposition since it takes predictive maintenance to a completely new level.”

The agreements were signed in December 2020 and took effect from January 2021.