WASSP Adds New Software for Sonar Systems

WASSP has launched its new key pulse and patent pending interference management system including automated frequency and bandwidth algorithm.

One major problem faced by manufacturers of sonar systems is that underwater environments are often noisy due to other acoustic devices operating in the same local body of water.

Noise levels or interference caused by interoperating acoustic equipment vary widely depending on the operating parameters of the equipment and the water column. This noise interferes with accurate underwater detection and makes it difficult, both for the sonar device and for the user, to interpret an underwater environment, WASSP explained.

By taking the standard KP and adding to it, WASSP’s new software enables all sounder and sonar systems to operate more efficiently.

Rufus Whiteford, WASSP’s global marketing manager, said: “Our key pulse and interference management system is set to transform the operating environment for fishing and workboats using any sonar system. It’s an excellent example of the WASSP tradition of finding innovative solutions to marine industry problems.”

Stefan Richardson, WASSP’s CTO, added: “The WASSP R&D department is very proud to be able to release this latest WASSP system that will make a difference to the full acoustic equipment suite performance for many fishing vessels all over the world.”