Waterotors spin to Indonesian flows

Waterotor Energy Technologies, the developer behind water energy extraction device known as Waterotor, could see the device being manufactured in Indonesia to later power the remote fishing villages located in the country.

Waterotor is a low head, fully submerged, water energy extraction device suitable for low-cost, clean energy production from slow water flows.

The device is capable of extracting water energy with consistent torque from 2 mph to over 6 mph water flowing conditions extracting more than half of the available flow energy with their onboard generators to produce electricity, according to Waterotor Energy Technologies.

The Waterotor system is designed to be either a buoyant device secured by anchors, or alternatively, a heavier than water device that can be lowered from bridge, barge, boat, or buoy.

The company has stated that Waterotors will be built in a variety of sizes from 5 kW to over 1 MW with output energy supplied at less than 5 cents per kW hour output.

Headquartered in Canada, Waterotor Energy Technologies, however, is not the manufacturer, but a technical architect, with business and financial development expertise that engages manufacturers and licensing partners.

Last week, the company has revealed plans by an Indonesian private group which offered to buy a $5 million license to manufacture Waterotors in Indonesia, which will supply electricity to fishing villages located on the over 17,000 Indonesian islands.