Wave energy reports progress to seaports

SE@PORTS project group (Photo: Plocan)

The participants of the Sustainable Energy at Sea PORTS (SE@PORTS) project have met to present the technical progress made in the initiative looking to integrate wave energy converters at seaports as they discussed the next step forward.

During the meeting, the project partners presented the technical progress made by the different work packages relating mainly to the design of a hybrid wave energy converter device, along with an analysis of its hydraulic behavior using different numeric models.

SE@PORTS project group (Photo: Plocan)

The SE@PORTS project is funded by the European Oceanera-Net program, bringing together a total of seven institutions from Portugal, Spain and Belgium, with the collaboration of the port authorities of Las Palmas and Leixoes in Porto.

The purpose of SE@PORTS is to study to demonstrate the high potential of the port structures for building wave energy converters as they could prove suitable since they are designed to resist wave action.

The project lasts from 2017 – 2019, and involves INEGI as coordinator, together with UPorto, APDL, Fórum Oceano, IH Cantabria, Plocan, and IMDC.

Then, the most promising concept will be physically studied in laboratory at different scales, according to the project description.

Dissemination will be organized around research activities, the outcome of these activities will be published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at international conferences.