Wave Hub opens cable extensions tender

The hub deployment at Wave Hub Site/Illustration (Photo: Wave Hub)

Wave Hub, a test site off Cornwall, has issued a tender for installation of cable extensions connecting the test site’s four berths to its central tie-in point.

Wave Hub is planning to install four 33 kV rated cable tail extensions from the current dry mate connectors to the four developer berths.

Existing 11 kV rated dry mate connectors will be replaced with a 33 kV rated in‐line joint, and terminate the extension cables with half of a 33 kV dry mate connector.

According to Regen SW, works are slated for June 2016 to coincide with Finnish developer Wello’s schedule for the installation of the first of three 1 MW Penguin wave devices.

Offshore Marine Management (OMM) was contracted by Wave Hub to undertake the procurement of equipment and services in support of the Wave Hub cable tail extension installation project.

Tenderers are invited to bid on one or multiple lots, with the tender deadline set for January 18, 2016.

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