Wave Swell Energy Eyes 2020 Deployment

Australian company Wave Swell Energy has developed a technology which converts energy in ocean waves into clean, emissions-free electricity.

This electricity can be transmitted to shore and into the grid or used to power an onboard or shoreline-located desalination facility.

The company is currently developing a 200kW energy project, intended to be installed in the ocean off the east coast of King Island, Tasmania.

The project’s aim is to demonstrate the ability of the technology to produce electrical energy at a cost comparable to new coal-fired power plants, when installed at large-scale.

A commercial demonstration project on King Island is already underway. Various activities have been initiated, including the final detailed design of the main structure, the turbine, and the electronic control system.

As stated in March this year, the actual construction will not begin for a few months yet, taking place on the Tasmanian mainland prior to the completed structure being transported to the project location near the town of Grassy on King Island.

The project is expected to be operational by June 2020.