Wave Water Works shows interest to power Caribbean islands

US-based wave energy developer Wave Water Works is looking for contracts to supply clean power to US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico following the recent massive hurricanes in the area.

The company is hoping to get its patented Oscillo Drive wave energy converter in use in both Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands for immediate disaster relief.

Wave Water Works has recently completed the final testing phase at Oakland University in Michigan at the School of Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineering to determine the power, strength, durability, and efficiency.

The results exceeded the expectations with Oscillo Drive reaching 90% efficiency, according to Wave Water Works.

Oscillo Drive is a mechanical gear box that operates without using springs or levers, exploiting any oscillating motion and converting it into a single direction motion, thus creating a continuous direction force, according to the company.

Chuck Keys, Project Director and General Manager at Wave Water Works, said: “Our device could be manufactured and/or engineered for any specific need (input and output), for any market size. A group of devices can be place on a barge, a dock, or on shore. For the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, we picture a group of many barges equipped with Oscillo Drives serving as many businesses, households, and utilities as possible.”

The base cost of each Oscillo Drive is $20,000, according to Wave Water Works. The company said it currently has devices at 4”x5”x8” size, weighing about 25 pounds, adding that Oscillo Drive can be built at any size.

The base price however does not include the cost of engineering the project, size, quantity, flotation devices and placement of the Oscillo Drives.

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