WaveEL to harness Norwegian waves

Waves4Power is preparing its WaveEL wave energy device for deployment off Norway planned to take place early in 2016.

The WaveEL point absorber full scale device, and a connection hub, will be deployed at Runde test site, off the Norwegian west coast.

The system is comprised of an 8 meter WaveEL buoy with a dynamic low voltage cable connecting it to the collection hub where a transformer increases the voltage to 22 kV before the power is transmitted via a subsea cable to the shore based power grid, according to Waves4Power.

The characteristic feature of the WaveEL buoy is the patented long acceleration tube. The tube, which is open in both ends, goes right through the buoy and is sticking down 30-35 meters below it.

As waves rise and lower the buoy with the attached tube, they will move differently from the water column in the tube. By placing a piston connected to a hydraulic conversion system in the tube, a pump is created.

The hydraulic pump is connected to an accumulator feeding a hydraulic motor with a generator that converts the hydraulic pressure to electric power.

Waves4Power has been granted a three-year permission at the Runde site but, the company states, it may potentially stay there longer as the system is built to last for 25 years.

The aims of this deployment are to demonstrate survivability, energy production and to give potential customers an opportunity to evaluate the system performance in a challenging wave climate.

Waves4Power is a Sweden-based developer of wave energy systems.

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