Wavepower seeks wave energy professionals


Wavepower Technologies, a private investor in the wave energy industry, is looking for wave energy professionals that would help the company advance the industry.

Glastonbury-based Wavepower is currently recruiting for various positions in order to build the team that would offer technical support for wave energy technology development.

The positions currently open are as follows:

  • Design Engineer
  • Tank Testing Engineer
  • Modelling & Control Engineer

As Design Engineer, the selected candidate will be involved in mix of research and development projects, and will gain experience in tank testing, instrumental and device control, numerical modeling, supply chain interaction, materials research and in the design and running of sea trials.

The key responsibilities of Tank Testing Engineer include specifying and running tank tests and contributing to Wavepower’s long-term WEC technology development activities.

Modelling & Control Engineer will be tasked with numerical modelling at different levels, and assessing technical opportunities.

Image: MEP/Illustration