Photo: Quarter-scale WaveSub wave energy device (Photo: Owen Howells Photography/MPS)

WaveSub checks in at FaBTest wave site

UK wave technology development company Marine Power Systems (MPS) has installed its quarter-scale WaveSub prototype at FaBTest marine test center, located off the coast of Cornwall.

The installation marks the start of a new phase of sea-based trials of the WaveSub unit that will now run through the final stages of on-site commissioning before energy generation tests kicks off later this summer, according to MPS.

Before the in-depth energy generational capacity testing, to be undertaken across a range of sea conditions, the WaveSub device will be connected to the Power Buoy that will provide a simulated grid for the feat.

WaveSub at sea (Photo: Owen Howells Photography/MPS)

Graham Foster, Chief Technology Officer at MPS commented: “We will now focus our attention on moving the WaveSub through final commissioning with a view to commencing energy generation trials later this summer. This move to FaBTest is another step forwards for MPS, taking us further along the path to full-scale manufacture and commercial roll-out of the WaveSub.”

Gareth Stockman, CEO of Marine Power Systems, added: “The UK’s wave sector is currently world leading. With 35% of Europe’s wave resource lying here on our coastlines, we’re well placed to keep hold of this title.

“MPS believe that with continued support and investment, wave energy can grow to become a new source of low carbon power as well as being a significant contributor to the UK’s fast-growing renewables economy.”

Wavesub was towed to FaBTest by Leask Marine on a journey that took place after a suite of tests that have been on-going since the WaveSub was launched onto open water at the start of this year, which include tow tests, submergence tests, installation of the mooring system, and assembly and commissioning of the power buoy.

At full scale, each 100 meters long, 5MW WaveSub is expected to be able to power approximately 5,000 homes.