Weather Hampers Gum Deniz Seismic Shoot

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Greenfields Petroleum is continuing to acquire the 3-D survey over the Gum Deniz Oil Field offshore Azerbaijan, but weather conditions continue to hamper the seismic contractor’s operations.

Weather Hampers Gum Deniz Seismic Shoot

Approximately 75 square kilometers of seismic data has been acquired to date. It is likely that the total survey acquisition will be reduced to approximately a 100 square kilometer area due to the approaching winter season weather inhibiting further seismic acquisition.

However, it is expected that the data acquired will be sufficient to image the Gum Deniz Oil Field area for the construction of a revised reservoir model. Fast track processing of the data from the seismic acquisition has begun.

The completed detailed interpretation of the data is expected to facilitate the fine tuning of development well drilling locations for the resumption of the drilling program, anticipated to restart in 2015.

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