Welsh Government Invests in Coastal Defence Works

Welsh Government Invests in Coastal Defence Works

Alun Davies, the Minister for Natural Resources and Food in the Welsh Government, has announced over £3.7 million to help protect homes and businesses in Ceredigion that are at risk of flooding and coastal erosion.

This latest funding will enable the completion of the ongoing coastal defence works that will help protect 420 homes and businesses in the village and brings the total amount spent on improving flood defences in Borth to £17.7 million. This includes £12.2 million of Welsh Government funding and almost £5.5 million from the European Regional Development Fund.

In January this year, Wales experienced some of the worst storms in over 20 years. Although the storms severely tested Wales’s coastal defences, a review by Natural Resources Wales found that the Welsh Government’s continued investment in flood defences protected over 99% of coastal properties from flooding.

The report also found that the first phase of Borth’s flood scheme held-up well and successfully protected the area against the worst of the winter storms.

Davies said: “This announcement demonstrates the Welsh Government’s commitment to investing in flood defences to protect the people of Wales and their homes and businesses.

“This funding will allow the completion of vital coastal defence improvements in Borth. Such funding is vital to the people who live and work in the village as we know that, without intervention, it could have been lost within 20 years as a result of coastal flooding and erosion.

“The dreadful storms we experienced this winter showed the real risks faced by coastal communities and the importance of the Welsh Government’s ongoing investment in defence improvements. It is widely acknowledged that without the investment in the improvement works to date, the storms could have had a devastating impact on Borth.”

Tackling flooding and coastal erosion is one of the Minister’s top priorities and the Welsh Government is investing over £245 million in flood defence work over the lifetime of this Assembly.


Press Release, April 24, 2014