Westcon appeals against court judgement in Prosafe dispute

Norwegian Westcon Yards has filed an appeal against a court judgement in a dispute with Prosafe related to the conversion of the tender support vessel (TSV) Safe Scandinavia.

Prosafe informed on March 8, 2018, that the Stavanger City Court had made a favorable decision in the court case regarding the TSV Safe Scandinavia – Westcon dispute.

The dispute was related to a substantial cost overrun of Westcon’s price estimate for the conversion of the Safe Scandinavia to a tender support vessel at Westcon.

The project experienced delays thereby also delaying the contract start with Statoil, triggering additional compensation claim by Westcon to which Prosafe responded with a dispute and its own claim for repayment of NOK 270 million.

The court in March gave judgement in favor of Prosafe and said that Westcon must repay Prosafe NOK 344 million plus interest and NOK 10.6 million legal costs.

Prosafe informed on Thursday, April 19 that Westcon has filed an appeal against this judgement.

“Prosafe takes notice of the appeal and is prepared to continue to defend its case in order to maintain or improve on the result in the first instance,” the company said in a statement on Thursday.

Offshore Energy Today Staff