Western Link Cable Laying Ops to Start in July

Work on the installation of the third deep water cable of the Western HVDC Link in the Irish Sea is due to start in early July 2016 and is due for completion in September 2016, AWJ Marine informs.

This installation campaign will take place over a distance of about 120km, starting to the west of the Isle of Man and finishing in the southern part of the Firth of Clyde.

This cable-laying campaign will involve the laying of the cable, and a post-lay survey.

The pre-lay survey and pre-lay grapnel run were carried out by the vessel Go Pegasus earlier this year.

Cable laying and burial work will be carried out by the cable laying vessel Giulio Verne, accompanied by the vessel Go Pegasus. During cable laying operations, the Go Pegasus will follow the Giulio Verne at a distance of approximately 500m, and will tow a cable burial plough, providing for simultaneous burial.

Two sections of this campaign will be free laid and buried by post lay jetting at the end of the parallel campaign.

The cable will not be buried where it crosses existing cables or pipelines, and also at locations where the seabed character has prevents cable burial. At crossing locations and other areas where the cable is exposed, guard vessels will monitor the cable until appropriate post-lay protection can be carried out.

Vessels are requested to pass at a safe speed and distance from these locations and fishing vessels are advised to remain a safe distance from the areas identified to ensure the safety of the vessel and its crew.

At the completion of the campaign a post-lay survey will be carried out by Go Pegasus using an ROV. The sonar markers installed at the crossing points will be removed during this survey.

Guard vessels will be stationed as appropriate along the cable route during installation and burial to ensure the safety of marine users. There are presently 4 guard vessels on station along the cable route.