WHL Energy Gets Initial “Fast-Track” Data from Junon 3D Survey

Australian energy company WHL Energy Limited has received the initial “fast-track” data volume from the Junon 3D seismic survey acquired offshore the Seychelles by the Ophir Energy/WHL Energy JV in July 2014.

WHL Energy Gets Initial Fast-Track Data from Junon 3D Survey

This post-stack migration volume is an intermediate product in the Pre-Stack Time Migration (PreSTM) processing of the 1,528 km2 Junon 3D seismic survey.

An initial review of the fast track data is encouraging in that the key prospects identified on the previous 2D seismic data can be interpreted on the fast track volume, and it is expected that the fully processed 3D seismic volume will provide detailed definition of the Junon area features.

The fully processed PreSTM dataset is now expected to be delivered during November.

Interpretation of the fast track volume is now underway with an initial interpretation expected to be completed during December following receipt of the fully processed PreSTM data.

Mr David Rowbottam, WHL Energy’s Managing Director, commented: “It is pleasing to see the progress with the investigation of the high potential Seychelles project continue utilising the latest technology available.”

“While this initial seismic volume of the Junon 3D seismic data is very early stage with a lot of state-of-the-art processing and interpretation yet to be undertaken, it is encouraging that the key geological features noted in the earlier 2D seismic can be interpreted on the fast track 3D seismic volume.”

The Junon 3D seismic survey is designed to mature a number of prospects for drilling on the Junon trend in the east of the Ophir Energy/ WHL Energy Seychelles acreage (Junon South, Junon East and Junon Central), an area high graded by WHL Energy’s geological studies.


Press Release, October 16, 2014