‘Willendeavour’ Conducts Geotechnical Survey on Burbo Bank 2 OWF

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A geotechnical ground investigation at the proposed Burbo Bank 2 (extension) wind farm has started on Friday, 4th July, and is expected to run until mid-august, dependant on weather and conditions.

'Willendeavour' Conducts Geotechnical Survey on Burbo Bank 2 OWF

This geotechnical investigation will consist of a series of shallow vibrocore holes and cone penetration tests (cpts) at selected positions in the proposed wind farm footprint as well as along the proposed export cable route and will be carried out by the 22meter multi cat ‘Willendeavour’

The survey is not expected to interfere with any other vessels but a wide berth, minimum 500 meters,is requested around ‘Willendeavour’ at all times whenever this vessel is on site as the vessel will be required to remain stationary for long periods while sampling.

Press Release, July 09, 2014; Image: williams-shipping

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