Photo: Courtesy of AYOP

Windcat Workboats in first hydrogen bunkering at Dutch Port

The first hydrogen bunkering permit in the Netherlands has been granted in the port of IJmuiden, allowing Windcat Workboats to bunker the Hydrocat 48 vessel with hydrogen.

Windcat Workboats in first hydrogen bunkering at Dutch Port
Courtesy of AYOP

Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP) reported that the IJmond Environmental Service granted a license for the hydrogen bunkering activity on behalf of the Velsen Municipality. Priot to that, Windcat Workboats, together with the IJmond Environment Agency, Port of IJmuiden, and Port of Amsterdam, investigated what was needed to make the bunkering of hydrogen possible. 

According to Willem van der Wel, managing director of Windcat Workboats, this license represents a major step in the possibility to use hydrogen as a fuel for vessels and increase the sustainability of the sector. He also reported bunkering hydrogen for shipping is a new development that the licensing process was quite complex.

The Hydrocat 48 is used to transport crew to and from offshore wind farms for the construction and maintenance of wind farms. The ship is sailing in IJmuiden, where the pilot with bunkering of hydrogen was successfully completed.

The vessel entered service in May. It features MAN dual-fuel engines that are retrofitted by CMB.TECH with a hydrogen injection system.

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Windcat Workboats has the ambition to put more hydrogen-powered ships into service.