WOC Organizes Business Cooperation Session

WOC Organizes Business Cooperation Session

At the invitation of Iceland’s President Grimsson and the organizers of the Arctic Circle, the WOC is organizing the session on “Business Cooperation” at the inaugural Arctic Circle Assembly (Reykjavik, 12-14 October).

The session will explore the structure and process that can best support circumpolar, multi-industry cooperation. A basis for collaboration that is developed by and for the business community itself can perhaps best ensure the continuity of industry engagement with other Arctic stakeholders, such as governments and inter-governmental organizations, as changes take place over time.

At the Arctic Circle session on Business Cooperation, a panel of CEOs/senior managers from key Arctic sectors – fisheries, oil/gas, shipping, mining, submarine cable, infrastructure, and tourism – will provide their perspectives on responsible economic development in the Arctic and the means for business cooperation. An open forum discussion will follow to engage participants in exploring the structure and process for cooperation: a) among the diverse Arctic business community and b) between this community and other Arctic stakeholders, including governments, inter-governmental bodies, such as the Arctic Council, and non-government organizations.

The session will build on the efforts to lay the groundwork for business cooperation in the Arctic, such as the WOC meeting of Arctic industry representatives to explore creating an “Arctic Business Leadership Council” (Reykjavik, 16 September, 2012) and the Arctic Council “Informal Business Dialogue” jointly organized by the WOC and the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group (Reykjavik, 17 September 2013).


Press Release, October 08, 2013



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