Buzzard field - Worley

Worley bags two-year deal with CNOOC

CNOOC Petroleum Europe Limited (CNOOC Europe) has awarded Worley a two-year contract to provide engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to its three operated North Sea assets.

Buzzard field; Source: CNOOC Europe

These assets include the Buzzard, Golden Eagle, and Scott platforms, Worley said in a statement on Friday.

The services span the full design lifecycle from feasibility to commissioning.

They will be executed by Worley’s Aberdeen, UK office with support from Worley’s Global Integrated Delivery team.

Chris Ashton, Chief Executive Officer of Worley, said: “We are pleased that CNOOC Europe has selected Worley to continue supporting its North Sea assets.

“With our strategic focus on sustainability and delivering a more sustainable world, we’re delighted this work includes evaluation of alternative energy sources, building further on Worley’s relationship with CNOOC and our offshore capabilities in the North Sea”.

The Buzzard complex comprises four separate platforms each supported by steel jackets interconnected by three bridges.

The four platforms are the wellhead platform W, the production platform P, the utilities/living quarter platform QU and the production sweetening platform PS.

The Golden Eagle Area Development (GEAD) comprises the Golden Eagle, Peregrine, and Solitaire fields and started production in the fourth quarter of 2014.

GEAD is a standalone processing facility consisting of a Production, Utilities and Quarters (PUQ) Platform, bridge-linked to a Wellhead (W) Platform, collectively described as the Platform Complex.

The Scott installation comprises two independent bridge linked platforms each supported by steel jackets. The two platforms are the drilling and process platform (DP), and the utilities and quarters platform (UQ).