WSS: Latest Ship Insight Safety Guide Launched

Over the course of the last few decades, shipowners and operators have been faced with a tsunami of new regulations and at the same time have needed to make their vessels more efficient as fuel and operating costs have soared.

Latest Ship Insight Safety Guide Launched

Keeping abreast of these changes and ensuring compliance places a considerable burden on hard pressed staff. With this in mind, the latest Ship Insight Safety Guide has just launched.

Ship Insight takes a stab at analyzing current safety regulations and carriage requirements and provides data on use of lifeboats, liferafts and evacuation systems. In addition, the guide examines personal survival equipment, pyrotechnics and signalling devices.

The guide also features Andrew Sheriff, WSS Business Director Safety, who talks about the importance of onboard safety inspections. He says: “Taking a planned approach to safety servicing has the potential to improve operational efficiency as well as reducing risk. Our engineers make thousands of ship visits every year, going onboard to service firefighting and other safety equipment and systems on behalf of shipowners and operators. It’s a vital task and in current economic conditions, one that the industry neglects at its peril.”

Sheriff also discusses how the current economic environment is adding to the pressures that ship owners and operators face on a daily basis, saying: “Increasingly, companies such as WSS must go far beyond our traditional role as a service supplier. Instead, we must support the industry and our customers by ensuring we are approved to service equipment and systems certified by multiple classification societies, not just onboard ship but at our safety service centres globally.”

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WSS, February 27, 2014