Zamakona Shipyard Delivers Wellboat Ronja Polaris

Zamakona Shipyard Delivers Wellboat Ronja Polaris

Astilleros Zamakona shipyard in Bilbao, Spain has delivered new wellboat Ronja Polaris to Sølvtrans Rederi AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sølvtrans ASA.

The ”state-of-the-art” vessel, which is of Rolls-Royce NVC 386 design, features an advanced diesel-electric propulsion system including two Rolls-Royce Bergen C6 diesel engines and a hybrid shaft generator, which significantly reduces energy consumption on board. Also, the considerable emphasis has been placed on living quarters and working environment for the crew in order to enhance crew comfort during long periods at sea.

Ronja Polaris has a capacity of 3000 m3, and is arranged for transporting up to 450 tonnes of live fish. The vessel is fully equipped for transport in a closed system that does not discharge anything to the sea, and is therefore efficient when it comes to preventing transfer of infections between fish farms. Ronja Polaris filters the circulating water through filters, which effectively prevents the penetration of lice and its eggs, and is thus very important in the combat of salmon lice.

Main dimensions:

Length: 75,80 m

Breadth: 16,00 m

Depth: 6,80 m

Speed last/ballast: 13/14 Knot

Crew: 11 members

A long-term facility has been drawn with Nordea Bank, Sparebanken Møre and Exportfinans to finance the vessel.


Sølvtrans, October 21, 2013