ZPMC Delivers New TSHD ‘Sea Tiger 8’ (China)

ZPMC Delivers New TSHD

The delivery ceremony of 10000m³ self-propulsion trailing suction hopper dredger “New Sea Tiger 8” was recently held at Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (ZPMC) Changxing branch.

On the basis of accomplishing grab bucket and cutter suction dredger, this was the first time for ZPMC to undertake large-scale trailing suction hopper dredger, which made ZPMC the first Chinese enterprise that can construct three kinds of mainstream dredgers.

Compared with sand dredger of the same kind, all key dredging equipments of “New Sea Tiger 8” are domestic corollary parts, which mean higher domestication degree, more intelligence and higher efficiency. Its integrated monitoring system adopts programmable controller, field bus, industrial Ethernet, which realizes automatic precise control of dredging process, obviously enhances dredging efficiency, greatly reduces labor intensity, and ensures the internationally advanced level of dredging function and reliability. In the operation room, users only need to choose one kind of operation mode, gently press down the button, then the dredger can undertake over 50 kinds of operation, three kinds of mud-discarding and dredging work in a flexible and convenient manner.

Meanwhile, “New Sea Tiger 8” boasts energy-conservation and environmental-friendly features. It adopts compound driving of double machines with small installed capacity while large effective loading, which can save energy consumption, reduce exhaust emission, and be of economical importance. It is also equipped with sewage disposal system to discharge life and working sewage into the sea after disposal, which truly embodies the operation mentality of green and environmental protection.

ZPMC, February 21, 2013