ZPMC Inks Contract for World-Class Salvage & Floating Crane

Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (ZPMC) and China Yantai Salvage have entered into a contract for the design, purchase and construction of a 5.000t salvage & floating crane.

After being built up, the 5,000t salvage & floating crane of the China Yantai Salvage will become China’s most advanced and a world-class salvage & floating crane.

With a fixed lifting capacity of 5,000 tons and a full-circle-swinging lifting capacity of 3,500 tons, the crane is a self-propelled full-circle-swinging salvage & floating crane with the capabilities of dynamic positioning and anchor moored positioning, the crane can directly lift a vessel with 50,000 deadweight tons (light weight: some 12,000 tons) with the help of the 4000t “Huatianlong” floating crane and the 3,000t “Weili” floating crane previously fabricated by ZPMC.

The crane will improve the “large-tonnage salvage”, “large-depth salvage” and “fast salvage” capabilities of China’s transport salvage system.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, February 28, 2013