2G Robotics Takes Part in Costa Concordia Salvage

2G Robotics Takes Part in Costa Concordia Salvage

2G Robotics announced that it is taking part in salvage operations of Costa Concordia off the coast of Tuscan island of Giglio.

2G Robotics already took part in earlier operations, and is now taking part in the parbuckling project which is planned to be undertaken next week.

The project, which will last 8-10 hours, is worth around $300 million.The 2G Robotics project manager, Hubert Palej will be present at the site during the rotation process.

As The Record reports, 2G Robotics underwater laser scanner equipment played a huge role during the measurements of the bow thruster tubes that are used to secure the sponsons.

Jason Gillham, founder and chief executive said: “It is critical that they have a tight tolerance and fit through those bow thruster tubes. Our equipment was assisting in getting the true dimensions and shapes of the bow thruster tubes as they were after the crash.”

After the parbuckling the scanning equipment will be used to make a detailed map of the damaged side of the ship.

“It will be a major engineering event for them to right this ship. The planning that has gone into this is incredible”, CEO of 2G Robotic added.

After the completion of parbuckling, Costa Concordia will be towed to port for dismantling.

Subsea World News Staff, September 13, 2013