A2SEA’s Sea Challenger Arrives in Esbjerg

Sea Challenger, a jack-up vessel specially designed for installing offshore wind turbines, has arrived in Esbjerg, Denmark.

A2SEA's Sea Challenger Arrives in Esbjerg

The ship is currently mobilising for the first project, namely, the installation of 35 Siemens 6MW turbines on DONG Energy’s project Westermost Rough.

On Wednesday 25 June, members for the board of A2SEA and a wide range of clients are invited to see the 132-metre long and 39-metre wide vessel, on which occasion they will be to  learn more about the crane and jacking system of the vessel.

”We are very proud of our new vessel,” says Jens Frederik Hansen, CEO at A2SEA. “The vessel is a sister vessel to Sea Iinstaller which has performed very well since her first project in January 2013. So our expectations are high. The only major chance compared to the sister vessel is the larger crane (900 tonnes compared to Sea Iinstallers 800 tonnes crane). Other than that the two vessels are identical.”

Sea Challenger will start installation on Westermost Rough in the middle of July and Esbjerg will be the loading port. The project team expects installation of the 35 turbines to be completed in the beginning of 2015. When Westermost Rough is fully commissioned, the wind farm will provide enough electricity to power around 200,000 homes.

Press Release, June 24, 2014

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