Resen Waves verifies power production

Aalborg University has verified the power production on a Resen Waves Power Buoy operating in irregular waves in the sea.

Denmark-based wave energy developer Resen Waves said that Aalborg University found the efficiency of the company’s Power Buoy in harnessing power from the waves is between 50 to 70% even in small waves.

Resen Waves has developed a small-scale buoy for powering instruments in the sea and providing real-time data connectivity.

The device works as the center drum in the buoy turns forth and back with the wave action and activates the generator inside the drum and produces electric power.

Per Resen, CEO of Resen Waves, said: “This is great news for the Resen Waves buoys. A typical wave device has an efficiency between 20 to 30%.”

Resen Waves is collaborating with Aalborg University on another wave energy project whose aim is to determine whether it is possible to use the material resulting from sea water electrolysis for step-change improvements to the state of the art of available materials and construction practices in the wave energy and offshore sector.

Other partners in the project, named New Materials for Wave Energy Sub-structures, include Wave Piston, Biorock Technology, and ElectroCell Europa.

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