Abu Dhabi Ports Inaugurates Trade Digitalization Platform

Maqta Gateway, Abu Dhabi Ports’ digital platform which aims to digitalize trade and streamline the exchange of information, was officially inaugurated in Abu Dhabi on October 3.

The platform offers ports, exporters, importers, shipping lines, customs and government agencies a single point of contact and real-time information at any time of the day – even via mobile, according to the port operator.

“The system ensures smooth transport and logistics operations involving Abu Dhabi ports, airports and future railway networks. It feeds into wider global supply chain communication platforms and acts as an accelerator for development and trade in the Emirate, a core objective for Abu Dhabi Ports and a central pillar of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030,” the platform description further reads.

The platform uses a “Track & Trace” service and it is currently linked to 10 ports in Asia and Europe, allowing customers to track their routes before departing from their original destinations.

“Abu Dhabi Ports is investing in technology and bringing trade into the digital era. The creation of Maqta Gateway illustrates our commitment towards contributing to Abu Dhabi’s economic development and promoting a knowledge-based economy that features smart E-government solutions that will facilitate trade,” Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of State and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Ports, said.

 “The interest given by developed countries to implement this system is due to its vital role in promoting business growth, maximizing revenues and reducing operational costs,” Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, CEO of Abu Dhabi, said.

“Maqta PCS has successfully developed more than 100 efficient and easy to use services, which has further encouraged a 100% adoption from our customers, in all ship management, export and import operations during the last period. This new system has also succeeded in creating fully intelligent maritime services designed in Abu Dhabi.”

Maqta Gateway is home to over 100 services which offer ease of registration and payment, container services, general cargo services, as well as cruise ships service. Until now, it has achieved 50 integration points and more than 35 international shipping partners, including global shipping companies. During beta testing in 2016, Maqta Gateway logged 37,000 vessel entries and 3.6 million digital transactions.

Maqta Gateway has ambitions to integrate with air cargo and land by 2019, and with other port community systems by 2020.

Maqta PCS, developed and operated by Maqta Gateway LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports, is the first purpose-built system of its kind in the Emirates.