Acta Marine Christens Construction Support Vessel Acta Orion

Acta Marine’s new build construction support vessel “ACTA ORION” was christened at the naming ceremony held on Thursday October 22 at the port of Harlingen, The Netherlands.

Didi te Gussinklo Ohmann, Van Oord’s Gemini project director performed the ceremony.

ACTA ORION has a length of 108 meters and a beam of 16 meters. The new build DP2 offshore construction support vessel’s key features include 80 bed accommodation, a large cargo deck and a cargo hold with tween deck providing over 1250 m2 deck space. The vessel will be the largest unit in the Acta Marine fleet. Acta Marine contracted CIG Shipbuilding for the design and construction of the vessel.

The vessel will be fitted with an active motion-compensated personnel transfer gangway, permitting the safe transfer of work crews and cargo packages, the company said.

Immediately following the delivery mid-November, ACTA ORION’s first project will be on the Gemini offshore wind farm 85 kilometres north of the Dutch coast which is currently under construction by Van Oord Offshore Wind Projects. For Van Oord, its specific role will be to support work crews to the platforms and foundations in order to prepare for the submarine cable pull-in and terminations. ACTA ORION will also act as the in-field accommodation and support base for the crew transfer vessels active on the project. In addition the vessel can also be utilized to support the erection and maintenance of the wind turbines, which are typically installed once the installation of submarine cables has been completed, Acta Marine explained.

With ACTA ORION our company takes a big step forward in the offshore wind industry,” said Rob Boer Managing Director of Acta Marine. “Together with the ten crew transfer vessels we acquired earlier this year, we are now able to offer a broad range of marine services to our clients in this growing market.”