Albatross Marine Hydrogen launches to help shipping reach net zero

Sustainable design company Albatross Designs Group has launched Albatross Marine Hydrogen, an entity dedicated to making the world’s maritime shipping industry achieve net-zero emissions through the use of green hydrogen as a primary fuel source and fuel cell technologies.

Based in San Francisco, California, Albatross Marine Hydrogen aims to develop its own shipping platform, port infrastructure, supply networks and management infrastructure.

“Through our AlbatrossESG business, we’ve been fortunate to work with many companies to help them ‘green’ their supply chains in quite innovative ways. This activity has led to uncovering synergies across the board,” the company said.

“Our internal idea of what a green supply chain’s value can be is now highly advanced beyond what most analysts and operators would expect. One of the remaining pieces in this puzzle is net zero shipping, and our team has been internally working in this area for a few years now. The time has come to make it official: Albatross Designs Group aims to be a leader in hydrogen powered shipping.”

Because of the relative infancy of the market, Albatross Marine Hydrogen is working in all areas of the challenge including — green hydrogen production, in-port hydrogen fueling, fuel cell implementation, maritime labor and engineer training, and bolstering a viable consumer market that will actively choose net-zero supply chain products to name just a few of their current activities.

What is more, the company is currently in talks with multiple technology companies, ports, shipping lines, and the businesses that are actively seeking to improve the environmental performance of their supply chains.

“I can’t emphasize enough how big of an undertaking this project is. As a team we understand this, and as a matter of strategy seek to be really good at bringing the right organizations together at the right times. Collaboration with others is our ultimate goal,” Andrew LaCenere, CEO and Founder of Albatross Designs, commented.

“While there are some huge players out there in this space already, few of these giants are as free as we are to go out there and leapfrog over some of the most challenging obstacles. The joint venture is our preferred vehicle for collaboration right now. Without a doubt we know that in terms of transforming the maritime shipping industry to achieve net zero emissions, the old adage about what ‘team’ means may very well prove true: Together Everyone Achieves More.”