Aleron Subsea becomes dealer of Olis Master Controller

Olis Robotics has reached a new agreement with Aleron Subsea to lead sales, distribution and support of its machine-learning ROV manipulator controllers.

Olis Master Controller

The Olis Master Controller is providing value for ROV inspection, repair, and maintenance (IRM) operators.

The controller’s intuitive interface, ease of integration and straightforward training make it a requirement for new ROVs and ROV upgrade and sustainment kits.

Olis Robotics CEO Don Pickering, said:

“We’re leveraging technology we developed for NASA and missions to the moon to help revolutionize the subsea industry and deliver intuitive controls and machine learning pilot assistive features that keep crew and equipment safe, along with saving time and money for offshore energy operations,”

“We’re seeing increased interest in our solution in these uncertain times for the oil industry.”

Olis’ controllers are drop-in replacements to control legacy manipulators while providing features that increase the precision of ROV operations.

Olis Robotics’ controllers help extend the life of expensive manipulator assets while also setting a platform for future autonomous operations.

Aleron will lead sales of Olis Master Controller products for it’s retrofit and rental business.

The company will also incorporate the Olis Master Controller with the manipulators used on Aleron’s innovative MultiROV product.

“The next generation master controller offers many features not currently available. Olis’ software makes using the manipulator quicker, easier and safer.

The touch screen and vibrating pendant offer visual and touch feedback when the manipulator has reached limits, saving expensive damage or downtime,” says David Currie, Aleron Subsea general manager.

“In these very cost sensitive days the features will help pay for themselves.”

Olis Robotics launched sales of the OMC in the third quarter of 2019.

Also, additional capabilities using the one touch machine training and task automation technologies will be available in Q4 2020.