All Set for Cobourg Harbor Dredging

The Town of Cobourg, ON, will begin its annual spring removal of built-up sediment in the Cobourg Harbor in the following days.

Each year, a significant amount of silt and sediment is carried along the north shore of Lake Ontario by waves and currents and deposited at the mouth of the harbor and within the harbor itself.

“This sediment can accumulate in amounts that make safe navigation an issue for recreational boats as well as the coast guard vessel which is stationed in Cobourg Harbor each summer. In order to keep the harbor safe for navigation, the Town of Cobourg must perform annual maintenance dredging,” according to their official announcement.

“Dredging operations are completed frequently to maintain the essential operation of our harbor,” said Dean Hustwick, Director of Community Services Division. “Our staff continue to work hard to provide this essential service while complying with the requirements of governments and public health officials, including physical distancing and increased sanitation.”

Dredging is expected to begin at the launch ramp and move to the harbor entrance by the end of this week.

The dredge material will be deposited onto the main beach where the berm has been constructed and fencing has been installed for safety.

Dredging operation will be completed by May 31st, 2020, the town said.