New hydrogen facility opens in Norwegian Egersund harbor

Norwegian companies Dalane Energi and Hydrogen Solution (HYDS) have launched a new hydrogen production facility in Egersund harbor as a part of the EU-funded ROBINSON H2020 project.

Norwegian Minister of Industry Jan Christian Vestre and Knut Førland, Managing Director of Liquiline. Photo: Peter Tubaas/HYDS

The official opening ceremony of the hydrogen production plant was held in Grand Hotell Eigersund on February 8 in the presence of various industrial, political, and scientific stakeholders, including the Norwegian Minister of Industry Jan Christian Vestre.

This is the first facility in Rogaland that will use renewable electricity to produce green hydrogen for commercial use.

Construction of the hydrogen production plant was completed in 2023. Danish company Green Hydrogen System delivered electrolyzers through its Norwegian partner Liquiline.

Once the ROBINSON project ends in the fall of 2024, Dalane Hydrogen AS will take over the facility.

Dalane Hydrogen AS is owned by Dalane Energi AS, Hydrogen Solutions AS (HYDS), and Eigersund Næring og Havn KF.

The opening of the facility in Egersund harbor was also welcomed by Norway’s leading network for hydrogen and ammonia solutions in the maritime industry, Ocean Hyway Cluster.

“The market for green hydrogen is experiencing rapid and significant growth. Egersund harbor will be the first location in Rogaland to produce green hydrogen using electricity that is 100 percent renewable – meaning from water, wind, or solar sources. Hydrogen serves as an energy carrier similar to other gases and has comparable efficiency. This opens up significant opportunities for a harbor strategically positioned for shipping,” said Idar Sønstabø, CEO at Dalane Energi.

“Egersund is well-positioned to capitalize on the hydrogen initiative. It is a active port with extensive activity in the maritime sector. The initiative will contribute to creating new opportunities and further activity, thereby strengthening the position of Egersund port. We believe this could be the beginning of Egersund becoming a strategic hub for hydrogen as fuel for the shipping industry,” commented Anne Vigdis Ellingsen, CEO at Egersund Næring og Havn KF.

Thor Henrik Hagen, CEO at HYDS, added: “Hydrogen will be a crucial contributor to Norway’s success in transitioning to renewable energy sources. For HYDS, the facility will be the second in line after production started in Stord last year. We have greatly benefited from standardization and the experience we have gained from Stord in the construction process, and we look forward to getting the facility up and running. These two facilities are central contributions to increasing the availability of green hydrogen for commercial use in Norway.”