Applied Acoustics Launches New Micro Beacons

Applied Acoustics has shipped its first batches of its new Micro Beacon to end users in the UK and further afield.

Officially launched at the Ocean Business exhibition and conference in April 2015, the new 1219 Micro Beacon is the successor to the 219A Micro Beacon.

According to the company, one of the key developments is the implementation of a rechargeable battery pack. While its predecessor was powered by disposable alkaline batteries, the 1219 is fitted with a NiMH power pack that can be recharged via USB or mains power, giving a 45 day listening life and a 30 hour operational life when used at 1pps.

Believed to be the smallest and lightest unit available to the market, the 1219 Micro Beacon is a general purpose USBL beacon with particular suitability for tracking divers and small subsea vehicles.

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