Aquamarine Power’s CEO elected to the board of Ocean Energy Europe

Aquamarine Power’s Chief Executive Officer John Malcolm has been elected to the board of Ocean Energy Europe.

Ocean Energy Europe is the Brussels-based trade body which has an important role in shaping European policy for wave and tidal energy.

Speaking on his election at the Ocean Energy Europe’s annual general meeting Malcom said:

“The recent events in the wave energy sector have underlined the significant challenges faced by the ocean energy sector in securing the long term private and public investment required to bring new technologies to commercial maturity.

“Recent policy initiatives including the European Commission SI Ocean project have clearly outlined the incredible opportunities this industry offers through jobs, economic growth and green energy.

“However for the wave industry, these benefits will not be fully realised until into the next decade and I believe the European Commission has a crucial role in providing the long-term, stable support the wave sector so clearly needs.

“Through my election to the board of Ocean Energy Europe I will work alongside other members and fully support their endeavours to promote and support an industry which can provide energy security, green power and economic prosperity across Europe in the decades ahead.”

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