Archer Knight intros new subsea intelligence platform

Archer Knight has rolled out a new software-as-a-service platform to make it easier for subsea companies to win more business.

The Aberdeen-based subsea market intelligence and consultancy firm, formed by Mike Watson & David Sheret, has launched Flowline.

The platform gives companies from the subsea supply chain greater insight into where they can find the most profitable opportunities.

Particularly in the current climate, with the low oil price and COVID-19 putting restrictions on conducting everyday business

Particularly, Flowline offers companies a way to save time, as well as drive down the costs and the carbon footprint.

The software allows users to track vessel & asset activity, individual companies, or specific countries.

It also gives users regular alerts on subsea appointments, project updates, new contracts, and other industry intelligence.

David Sheret explained: Archer Knight

“Market intelligence is absolutely essential to the subsea industry, especially in the current climate. Companies need access to trustworthy data that enables them to make better decisions. They need greater insight into the key performing indicators within the subsea sector in order to focus their efforts where it counts.”

“But with so much news and activity surrounding the subsea industry, it’s harder than ever to find a way to cut through the noise. Technology has a powerful role to play and we believe Flowline brings something completely different to the market. The SaaS platform applies Archer Knight’s in-depth analysis of the market, aided by engagement with a 50,000 strong global network of contacts, to give users a detailed real-time view of the subsea market.”

Sheret added: “For subscribers, Flowline will be a company’s own digital ‘employee’, giving them impartial intelligence and backed by the data and analysis from our team of subsea professionals.”

“What they’re getting is high-quality data, in a user-friendly format, which can be widely shared across their business. There are no restrictive licensing arrangements above the initial subscription. We believe Flowline really breaks the mould.”