Argeo survey vessel to be upgraded as clients are requesting additional capability

Argeo survey vessel to be upgraded as clients are requesting additional capability

Argeo’s subsea vessel Argeo Searcher is set to undergo an upgrade which will make it a “true” multipurpose inspection, maintenance and repair (IRM), greenfield survey vessel and mineral exploration vessel.

Source: Argeo

The vessel upgrade will be carried out at Norway’s Fjellstrand this month and is fully financed by the vessel owner.

Argeo Searcher will be equipped with seamless integration for the recently purchased Hugin Superior autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), boosting operational capacity and productivity.

The upgrade also includes a work-class ROV system, 20t active heave compensated (AHC) offshore crane, 20t active heave compensated (AHC) 3,000-meter winch system, 36t A-frame, remote operations and USV force-multiplier capability and extended free deck space to 200m2.

The vessel will commence operations immediately after completing the yard stay. According to Argeo, the upgrade is a response to clients’ requests for additional capability.

“By incorporating the advanced Hugin Superior AUV, featuring exceptional sensor payloads, into the Argeo Searcher, along with our proprietary electromagnetic sensor systems, we will achieve unprecedented deep-water data acquisition and interpretation capabilities, propelling us ahead of the competition,” said Argeo CEO Trond F Crantz.

Argeo entered into a five-year bareboat contract for Argeo Searcher, formerly known as Ocean Pearl, in October 2022, with an option to purchase the vessel for $2 million after 12 months and $1 million after 27 months. 

The first contract for the vessel was secured a month later. The conversion and rigging program was completed in February 2023.

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