Ascenz Marorka inks digital maritime services deal with Brunei Gas Carriers

Ascenz Marorka, a subsidiary of French LNG containment specialist GTT, has signed a contract with Brunei Gas Carriers to provide its Amadi vessel with a comprehensive range of digital maritime services designed for LNG carriers (LNGCs).

Illustration only; Courtesy of Ascenz Marorka

Encompassing the full spectrum of Ascenz Marorka’s ‘Smart Shipping’ solution, the contract is said to include on-board data collection, regulatory reporting, performance management services, LNG cargo and operation optimization and weather routing.

According to GTT, this digital solution, which will be installed on the vessel by the end of 2023, provides multiple advantages, in terms of cost savings, operational efficiency and environmental impact, including:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency: The digital tool is said to streamline data collection and reporting, reducing manual errors and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, which leads to smoother operations, quicker turnarounds and reduced administrative overhead.
  • Optimized cargo management: The LNG cargo management features provide real-time insights into cargo conditions and status, allowing the user company to make informed decisions, reduce fuel waste and ensure the safety and quality of the cargo, GTT said.
  • Weather routing: This module defines optimal shipping routes in response to changing weather conditions, thus minimizing fuel consumption and ensuring safe, efficient journeys, GTT noted, adding that this standalone software is complemented by the professional services provided by Ascenz Marorka’s Real-Time Fleet Performance Monitoring Center.
  • Performance management services: The digital platform offers continuous vessel monitoring to optimize its performance and reduce fuel consumption, ultimately contributing to substantial cost savings.

Commenting on the deal, Anouar Kiassi, Managing Director of Ascenz Marorka, stated: “I take great pride in the trust that Brunei Gas Carriers has placed in us for this first ship. Our comprehensive suite of innovative digital solutions is set to transform maritime operations, ensuring a more efficient and environmentally conscious future for the sector.”

To remind, Ascenz Marorka’s ‘Smart Shipping’ solution will also be used on CMA CGM LNG-powered ships, GasLog’s entire LNG carrier fleet and others.