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Ashtead completes subsea monitoring gig for Havfram

Ashtead Technology has provided its Autonomous Structure Monitoring Systems, integrated with LUMA optical modems, to complete an underwater installation monitoring work scope for Havfram in the Norwegian North Sea.

The scope included the provision of ten Autonomous Structure Monitoring Systems, two for each suction anchor template, and an additional four units which were used to monitor the installation of a range of subsea structures.

The activities mark Ashtead’s first significant subsea monitoring project using Hydromea’s LUMA high-speed through-water wireless optical modems since signing the global rental partnership last year.

The Structure Monitoring Systems were configured for autonomous independent operation, communicating data to one of the installation ROVs. Ashtead Technology said it had utilized LUMA optical modems to enhance the accuracy of the data collected, ensuring maximum performance of the system.

“When completing subsea installation projects, it is vital that the information provided is accurate, reliable and delivered in real-time. This reduces the risk of damage to the structure during installation and ensures it is installed within specification,” said Ross MacLeod, Ashtead Technology’s technical director.

“We have been using LUMA modems on construction projects over the past three years and we have been very pleased with the functionality and ease of integration of the devices into our existing systems. The technology used within the LUMA modems is cutting edge and advances subsea data communication significantly whilst helping to reduce project complexity, risk and cost.”

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