Astro Technology, NASA Jointly Test Subsea Friction Clamps

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NASA’s Johnson Space Center recently conducted tests of Astro Technology’s subsea friction clamps.

Astro Technology, NASA Jointly Test Subsea Friction Clamps

The clamps are developed to provide precise monitoring of subsea assets and could be installed at depths of up to 10,000 feet, DecomWorld informed.

The test that were performed included tensile load tests, compression tests and four-point bending tests.

These systems would require an ROV for the installation, and the maintenance would be done by Astro Technology’s miniature underwater robots.

DecomWorld quoted David Brower, president and CEO of Astro Technology, as saying: “The subsea monitoring systems developed by Astro Technology allow decision-makers topside to detect problems almost instantaneously. Miniature subsea robots will take this one step further, allowing problems to be repaired as swiftly as they are discovered.”

Subsea World News Staff, April 21, 2014


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