Athens Group introduces Well Control System Services

Athens Group, a provider of independent, 3rd-party technology assurance services for oil and gas drilling and production systems, has introduced a new generation of Well Control System Services focused on helping assure that subsea equipment is “fit for purpose.”
Athens Group introduces Well Control System Services

Athens Group Well Control System Services help assure the well control/subsea equipment (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and software) on offshore exploration and production drilling assets is “fit for purpose,” for the entire lifecycle of these assets. The Well Control Package (WCP) assurance services focus on these subsystems:

  • BOP Stack
  • BOP Hydraulic Fluid Supply
  • LMRP
  • Lower Stack
  • Choke Manifold
  • Diverter
  • Acoustic Control
  • Autoshear/Deadman
  • Marine Riser and Riser Handling

“Our services exceed regulatory requirements, and extend to verifying that equipment and interfaces meet industry standards, regulatory requirements and the specific needs of each drilling program. Our services focus on implementing safety as a function of quality,” said Nestor Fesas, President and COO.

“We are working with asset owners, operators and duty holders to help ensure their WCP not only meets the published specs, but also fits the areas in which they drill,” said Mike Haney, CEO. “We collaborate with our customers’ drilling engineers to ensure that their drilling campaigns are also taken into consideration when their equipment is certified. To us, ‘fit for purpose’ means fit for the target environment whether it is deep sea, extended reach or Arctic conditions,” he concluded.

Athens Group WCP assurance services are part of Athens Group’s comprehensive set of Proven PracticesSM based on well-established systems engineering and integration principles and integrated with Athens Group’s Quality Management System (aligned with API Spec Q2).

Athens Group customers include BHP Billiton, BP, Diamond Offshore, Eni, ExxonMobil, Maersk, Marathon Oil, Murphy Oil, Repsol, Seadrill, Shell, and Total.


Press Release, July 30, 2014


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