Atmocean to display wave energy solution to UN summit

US-based wave energy developer, Atmocean, has been selected to present its wave energy solution at the UN Sustainable Solutions Summit.

Atmocean will showcase its ‘Greening the Coastal Deserts’ solution, together with other nine finalists and their technologies, at the UN headquarters in New York on September 21, 2016.

The Solutions Summit is an effort to lift-up exceptional technologists, engineers, scientists, and innovators who have developed solutions that address one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The gathering will serve as a catalyst to convene resources and talent around solution-makers.

The selection process which narrowed 438 applicants to the 10 finalists found that Atmocean’s technology scored among the highest as it directly addresses 14 of the 17 goals, according to Atmocean.

Its solution employs patents-pending wave energy technology to desalinate seawater, using the resulting fresh water to drip-irrigate arid coastal deserts and create new cropland, according to Atmocean’s CEO Philip Kithil.

As it operates entirely from the wave energy, without need for grid electricity, the system can be deployed in remote or under-served coastal regions, Atmocean said.

To remind, Atmocean conducted two series of real sea testing of its wave technology off Peru, and is currently focused on finalizing the designs for its first commercial system.