Illustration/WaveRoller deployment offshore Portugal (Courtesy of AW-Energy)

AW-Energy and partners appoint ESIA consultant for Namibia’s wave energy pilot

Kaoko Green Energy Solutions and AW-Energy have appointed I.N.K Enviro Consultants to conduct the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) for the WaveRoller wave energy pilot project.

Illustration/WaveRoller deployment offshore Portugal (Courtesy of AW-Energy)

The news follows the signing of memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Kaoko Green Energy Solutions and Finnish company AW-Energy, to extract renewable energy from wave energy from the 1,300km long coastline of Namibia.

“This initiative is strategically located between Swakopmund and Henties Bay, an area renowned for its optimal bathymetry and waves – a perfect testing ground to validate the technology and gather essential data for the situational analysis of the Benguela Current System,” Kaoko Green Energy Solutions said.

The ESIA coincides with the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the subdivision of a 20-hectare land, a mere kilometer from the shoreline where the WaveRoller units are slated to be deployed.

“This dual assessment approach underscores the commitment to a thorough and responsible evaluation of the project’s potential impact on both the environment and local communities,” the company said.

Kaoko Green energy Solutions aims to position wave energy as a prominent source of renewable energy in Namibia, supporting the development of numerous green hydrogen production plants.

The cost projections for the pilot project stand close to €1 million (N$20 million), covering the deployment of five WaveRoller-X devices, according to the company. These devices are expected to not only harness the power of ocean waves for electricity generation but also to deliver clean and affordable energy – approximately 200MWh per year – to communities along the coast of the Erongo Region.

Simultaneously, Kaoko Green Energy Solutions is also forging ahead with the Purros Hydrogen Hub (PHH) on 970 hectares of land, a project estimated to cost €9 million (N$180 million).

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