AW-Energy makes substation construction headway in Portugal

Finnish wave energy developer AW-Energy has completed the first step in building a new substation for its SURGE2 wave energy project in Peniche, Portugal.

Namely, the groundwork for a new concrete foundation for a 350kW WaveRoller substation has been finished, AW-Energy said.

The onshore substation will connect the WaveRoller device to the grid using transformers, frequency converters and other electrical components.

Spanish company Abeinsa Engineering has been put in charge of the project coordination for a new substation’s detailed design and manufacturing, while the supplier of the substation is another Spanish outfit PROinSENER Energía.

Jussi Åkerberg, CTO of AW-Energy, said: “The previous substation used for project is replaced by an improved new substation with a higher rating, which is better suited for project deliveries and the maritime climate.”

The EU-funded SURGE project, short for Simple Underwater Renewable Generation of Electricity, began in 2014.