Baleària adds electric-powered ferry Rusadir to its owned fleet

Spanish ferry company Baleària has bought Rusadir, an electric-powered ferry that has been working for the company since last March.


The vessel, which has electric propulsion and dual gas engines, operates on the Malaga – Melilla route.

The maritime company thus expands its eco-efficient owned fleet with the acquisition of the new generation vessel. This is the eleventh vessel with this technology in Baleària’s ship portfolio, after the recent launch of the Margarita Salas, which is expected to start operations in the first half of 2024.

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The 187-meter-long Rusadir has a capacity for 1,670 people. It can accommodate up to 2,600 linear meters of cargo in its two hold decks and a wide variety of services on board.

Electric propulsion with dual gas engines

The Rusadir’s propulsion system is completely electric and has an electric plant with dual gas engines, a versatile technology that Baleària has relied on in recent years, as it allows sailing with different fuels.

These engines, in addition to being able to alternate the consumption of fuel and natural gas — energy that the shipping company considers a transition towards decarbonization — are prepared to operate with renewable sources that are neutral in CO2 emissions.

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With this new cruise ferry, Baleària will exceed ten vessels equipped with this technology, between acquisitions, new constructions and retrofits.

The boat has two transverse maneuvering propellers at the bow and one at the stern with a power of 2 MW each, which, together with the electric motors, allow great maneuverability, the company said.