BGP to Conduct Seismic Survey Offshore Madagascar

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BGP to Conduct Seismic Survey Offshore Madagascar

China’s geophysical service company BGP recently signed a contract for a Multi Client 2D & 3D offshore seismic survey with the Office of National Mines and Strategic Industries of Madagascar (“OMNIS”).

Under the agreement, BGP will acquire, process, market and license the seismic as well as gravity & magnetic data in Morondava basin offshore Madagascar.

The initial program for the 2D seismic survey is 14,026 kilometers with a grid of 10km*10km covering an area of 70,396 km2 while the 3D program will be designed and performed after the completion of the 2D program.

The purposes of the project are to acquire and deliver a high quality seismic data to OMNIS and International oil companies to further assess the oil and gas potential of offshore Moronvada basin to help the government in planning for their future bidding round and to enhance the marketability of the concessions and blocks of offshore Madagascar.

BGP is set to commence a simultaneous operation in September for both the new 2D Multi Client seismic survey and the Gravity and magnetic survey as OMNIS is planning to launch a bidding round as soon as the data is available.

Offshore Energy Today Staff, April 27, 2012


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