Board Approves Huia Domain Coastal Scheme

A plan to reduce erosion on the Huia Domain and foreshore has been approved by the Waitākere Ranges Local Board following extensive consultation with the local community, iwi, coastal engineers and council representatives.

“The first proposals over 18 months ago did not reflect how strongly the community felt about retaining this unique slice of heritage. We started out in an ‘us and them’ heated argument with the council but once the true value of the Huia Domain was communicated and recognized, we’ve been able to come to a win-win solution,” said Jade Reidy, Huia Cornwallis Ratepayers and Residents’ Association acting president.

Beach levels along Huia Domain have lowered significantly since 2010, and are continuing to lower during coastal storms and higher than average tides. This has induced failure of the existing seawall.

In 2012, council began to look at options to slow erosion. Three options were then presented to the local board in 2014.

Subsequent consultation confirmed that these options, when considered in isolation, were not acceptable given their potential impact on coastal processes, the community’s desire to retain as much of the domain as possible and available budget.

The plan developed by all the stakeholders and signed off by the local board will:

  • maintain the current seawall and rock revetment to protect Huia Domain;
  • transfer sand that has accumulated within the intertidal area of Huia Bay, back to the area immediately adjacent to the existing seawall, and retain it with two rock groynes;
  • restore an area of dry high-tide beach to provide a better storm buffer for the domain while improving pedestrian access and recreation potential;
  • repair the boat ramp and raise the crest of the seawall by the eastern car park.

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