Bombora Develops Cheap Way to Harness Wave Power

Bombora Develops Cheap Way to Harness Wave Power


Perth-based company, Bombora Wavepower, is developing a technology to harness energy of relatively small ocean waves, writes the Science Network.

The power system uses a large membrane to convert wave energy by circulating air into electricity.

As a wave passes over the system it moves air around the circuit and drives it through the 1.5MW turbine, which in turn spins a generator, creating electricity.

Bombora Wavepower executive director, Shawn Ryan said: “The largest energy resource are westerly facing coastal strips around the continents but the Bombora system can operate anywhere, including lower resource locations. Wave power is a global resource.”

He added that before trials in the Swan River, the company will seek investment over the next six months, after which the system will be tested in the ocean.


Offshore WIND staff, January 30, 2014; Image: bomborawavepower